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In the 150th year of rowing at the United States Naval Academy it is wholly appropriate that the United States Armed Forces King’s Cup VIII in 2019 is being crewed by servicemen and women from Annapolis. It will be the first time a combined crew has competed in an international rowing event in the same boat; mirroring their day jobs.

Below the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Paul Selva presented with the formal invitation to race at The King’s Cup, the map of the Henley Royal Regatta course and the record of the US Army crew that raced in 1919.


Left: CIJ Hartley, Chairman The King’s Cup Organising Committee
Right: General Paul. J. Selva, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Your Crew


The US Armed Forces crew will race 99 years after the US Naval Academy won the gold medal for VIIIs in the 1920 Olympics beating a Leander Club VIII representing Great Britain in the final.


The 1919 Crew


The 2019 Crew

Midshipman Second Class Alexandria Vallancey Martinson is from Corvallis, Oregon. Her aspired service selection is Marine Corps Aviation. She enjoys backpacking, hiking and one day she would like to become a mountaineering guide.

Midshipman First Class Margaret Dawson serves at the US Naval Academy. Her hometown is Annapolis, Maryland. She aspires to be a Surface Warfare Officer. Her hobbies include whitewater rafting, cycling, camping. She also hopes to earn an MBA and get into business.

Midshipman Third Class Griffin Dunne is from Northfield, Illinois. He aspires to be a Submarine Officer. He enjoys both fishing and hunting. He aspires to be a rowing coach. 

Midshipman First Class John Lamb is in the US Naval Academy. He aspires to be a Navy pilot. He is from Hong Kong. He enjoys fishing, hiking and playing golf. He aspires to do coastal city engineering in the future.

Midshipman First Class Jared Taintor serves at the US Naval Academy. He is from Westerly, Rhode Island. He aspires to be in the US Marine Corps. He enjoys playing golf and would like to be a teacher or a high school rowing coach in the future. 

Midshipman First Class Jacob Klosowski is from North Potomac, Maryland. He aspires to be an Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer. He hopes to win a scholarship through the Navy’s International Programs to study overseas after graduation.

Midshipman Second Class Manriki Gagnon is from Albany, California. In the future he aspires to serve in Naval Aviation and enjoys playing the guitar, taking photographs and surfing. He would like to do a masters degree in marine biology considering underwater robotics.

Midshipman Second Class Chandler Washburn is from Jacksonville, Florida. He aspires to be a Navy Pilot. He enjoys scuba diving, woodworking and would like to gain a master’s in mechanical engineering.

Midshipman Third Class Matthew Catanoso’s hometown is Ocean City, New Jersey. He aspires to serve in Marine Corps. Aviation. Outside of the military, he enjoys scuba diving and flying. 

Robert Friedrich is the Head Men's Rowing Coach in the US Naval Academy. His hometown is Annapolis, Maryland.