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The King’s Cup Organising Committee and American friends are proud to highlight the success of American defence industry corporates who turn technology into shareholder returns, develop solutions that keep our military safe and provide employment for over three million in the US. The US defence industry is booming with domestic sales in 2018 alone over US$742,000,000,000 (yes, those zeros are correct). The US is the number one exporter of defence materiel to all eight allies racing. Who wouldn’t want to support this event that honours our past, empowers servicewomen and men in eight allied armed forces in front of 100,000 spectators, and connects with Heads of State and three million in uniform via live streaming?


The King’s Cup will leave a sporting legacy and an opportunity to leverage the power of sport on a gender inclusive basis. Your support will be well noted and is much appreciated. If you are supporting from Australia your gift is tax deductible. Thank you.

Help crowd search a funding hero

Help The King’s Cup Organising Committee and American friends to identify those corporates and CEOs operating in the US who can be respectfully approached to support with generous or modest contributions starting at less than one return airfare to the next aviation exhibition or military symposium.

Post suggestions for the ‘hopeful list’ including direct CEO or Chairman contact emails to:

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Corporate CEOs and officers looking to contribute, thank you very much, make your move here:


We need YOU! Assess the opportunity. Crunch the numbers. Swipe right. Thank you.


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