The King’s Cup honours our past, celebrates our militaries’ ‘fittest and finest’, mirrors the opportunities for women in the military, makes an enduring contribution to strategic alliances and leaves a substantive legacy. The King’s Cup Organising Committee seeks to cover the inevitable costs involved, it has both charitable status and government audit assurance.

Who wouldn’t want to support an event that empowers servicewomen and men in eight allied armed forces in front of 100,000 spectators and veterans, voters, Heads of State and three million in uniform via live streaming?

Who wouldn’t want to support an event that honours our past and includes contributions from two Royal Households, America’s first President, Canada’s first Parliament, Australia’s War Memorial and other highly symbolic contributions? 

Help us to help your national crew by identifying those ‘hopeful’ corporates and CEOs who might turn into ‘hero’ corporates with a modest contribution of less than one return airfare to the next aviation exhibition or military symposium. Follow your flag or email Thank you.


Individual support


The King’s Cup will leave a sporting legacy and an opportunity to leverage the power of sport on a gender inclusive basis. Your support will be well noted and is much appreciated. If you are supporting from Australia your gift is tax deductible. Thank you.