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The 1914 Henley Royal Regatta had been staged one month before the outbreak of the First World War. No Regattas were held during the war and by the time it finished, two hundred and fifty of the 1914 competitors had lost their lives.


On the 23rd of November 1918, just twelve days after the signing of the Armistice a letter appears in The Field urging the revival of Henley Royal Regatta. An editorial note underneath the letter stated: 

”We have received several communications on this subject, and shall have something to say about it shortly.”


On January 22nd 1919 the Committee of Leander Club convened a meeting on Temple Island for all Clubs affiliated with the Amateur Rowing Club and Regatta Officials. It was widely attended and a motion carried unanimously:

 “That in the opinion of this Meeting although it is not desirable that Henley Royal Regatta be held in 1919, an interim Regatta should be held in 1919 at Henley in June or July, and that the Stewards of Henley Royal Regatta be requested to undertake the management of such Regatta” 

On February 10th 1919 at a General Meeting of the Stewards, the resolutions of the 22nd of January were considered and it was agreed to organise an interim Regatta. Royal Henley Peace Regatta was born.

Much had changed during the War and there was an enormous amount of work to be done and the next meeting took place on the 26th of February. The Committee was to meet twelve more times before the end of June. By the time the Regatta eventuated it would have become a four day event and even then it involved two rounds of sculling raced on one day.  


On the 23rd January 2019 Henley Royal Regatta announced The Return of the King’s Cup: 

“We are delighted to inform Members that the 2019 Henley Royal Regatta will feature an extra event in commemoration of the centenary of the 1919 Royal Henley Peace Regatta.

For the first time, male and female military athletes will row in the same boat at an elite international event. The King’s Cup will see crews from the original six nations of Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, the UK and the USA, joined by Germany and the Netherlands, competing in a knock-out format over the final three days of the 2019 Henley Royal Regatta.”



From an unknown location

Satellite tracking and Geo Orbital recognition software have failed to recognise the location of this deliberately pixelated photograph but our intel team are pondering the significance of the uniform colour scheme. Is the blue sky significant? Are those cerise blades? Does the red and the blue represent national colours? Is the blonde hair a Northern European trait – is there even a surprise Northern European crew entry? Similar photos and intel sought.