Der Bundeswehr-Achter, Deutschland


Die Teilnahme am King’s Cup 2019 ist offen für Soldatinnen und Soldaten aller Teilstreitkräfte der Bundeswehr. Die Zahl der daran interessierten Sportlerinnen und Sportler ist groß. Zum ersten Mal wird eine teilstreitkraftgemeinsame Mannschaft an einer internationalen Ruderveranstaltung teilnehmen.

Unten zu sehen Vizeadmiral Joachim Rühle mit der formellen Einladung zum Rennen um den King´s Cup und die Karte des Henley Royal Regattakurses, den die Bundeswehr zu absolvieren hat.


Links: Brigadier Rob Rider CBE, britischer Militärattaché Berlin
Rechts: Vizeadmiral Joachim Rühle, Stellvertreter des Generalinspekteurs der

Ihre Mannschaft


Rudern ist keine offizielle Sportart bei der Bundeswehr. Daher werden Sportlerinnen und Sportler aus anderen Bereichen gemeinsam mit Soldatinnen und Soldaten die Mannschaft bilden..


Klicken Sie hier, um zu sehen, wer aus Ihrem Land das Organisationskomitee für den King’s Cup unterstützt.


2019 Crew

The majority of the “Bundeswehr Achter” crew is active duty military personell from the Armed Forces Regional Command Hamburg where they serve in the “Sportfördergruppe” Hamburg a unit designed to support talented sportive soldiers. Additional rowers joined the crew, coming from the Armed Forces Active Reserve to form the team to participate in the 2019 Kings Cup at Henley. Rowing is not a standard military sports activity in the German Armed Forces and no military eight boat was available to form the core for the mixed crew required at the Kings Cup race.

Leading Rate Sina Kühne is the Bow of the team and has been on active military duty in the German Navy since 2017 and is currently a member of the “Sportfördergruppe” Hamburg. Sina is member of the Dresden Rowing Club and has won the German Championship in 2018. She wants to become a primary school teacher, and is tutoring math for younger kids. Aside that she is a full time rowing athlete since 2009.

Corporal Ulrike Törpsch was an active duty military athlete from 2009 till 2011 having taken part in several international under 23 competitions at that time. Ulrike holds a marksmanship lanyard in Gold and has finished her Military Sergeant Course. Now she is a reservist for the German Air Force, studying Law and wants to work with the Military Police in the area of economic crime after finishing her degree in 2020.

Corporal Anton Max Braun serves since 2010 in the German Air Force and could achieve his first rowing success in 2008, being 18 years old, rowing third place at the Junior World Championship. He also has taken part in the Olympic Games in London (7th) and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro (12th) At the moment he is studying for his bachelor degree in business administration in Oldenburg.

Leading Rate Christian Marc Lou von Warburg is serving in the Navy and is studying for his Bachelor of Engineering in Hamburg. After completing his studies he considers becoming an officer with the Navy. Being spotted at Military Basic Training he joined the “Sportfördergruppe” Hamburg right away. When Christian is not rowing he is a member of the Volunteer Fire Brigade and deepens his knowledge in sports science and training theory.

Corporal Steven Christopher Hacker has rowed for the German Air Force since 2017, after his Military Basic Training he joined the “Sportfördergruppe” Hamburg. While considering to end his rowing career, he wants to become an Officer and be part of a deployment abroad. Steven Christopher is a passionate paraglider in his additional free time.

Leading Rate Jonas Schützeberg has finished Military Basic Training and is serving in the Navy as reservist while he mainly works as a sports journalist and sports reporter for the German Television Network, holding a sport science diploma. He is working as a coach in his home rowing association in Berlin and is also training the junior national rowing team. Jonas spends his past time with skiing.

Corporal Tim Grohmann joined the forces in 2008 and served 10 years as an active duty military athlete within the “Sportfördergruppe”. Being now retired from top military sports, Tim is a reservist and will begin his Masters in sports science in Leipzig in October. As a volunteer worker Tim dedicates to his village council for more sport activity events regarding the youth. Tim keeps fit with playing Volleyball, Tennis and Golf, when not rowing.

Corporal Lars Frithjoff Wichert joined the German Air Force in 2012, and is rowing for the “Sportfördergruppe” Hamburg. The 33 year old Stroke has completed his Bachelor of Arts in training and exercise science and media / communication design already. He is also about to finish his Master of Arts in health research. After ending his sports career he considers an officer career to give his knowledge further in the sector of military sport. In his past time Lars takes part in mountain biking competitions all around the world.

Petty Officer Caroline Meyer is in her third year serving in the German Navy and a member of the “Sportfördergruppe Hamburg”. She is one of three women chosen for rowing the King’s Cup. Due to an injury she will serve as coxswain. Freshly graduated from her Military Sergeants Course, she is awaiting her promotion while studying for her Bachelor in Biology. Besides rowing she keeps active with ice skating.

Coaching and Management Team

Petty Officer Hendrik Bohnekamp serves in the German Navy and is leading the “Bundeswehr Achter” as its Coach. Serving since 2017 in Hamburg as a coach he is also the stand-by oarsman in case it is needed. He is a student of sports science and geography in Berlin. After completing his Military Sergeants Course in Autumn 2019. He is expected to get promoted to the rank of a Sergeant afterwards. Besides sports training he likes to travel and to hike.

Major Christian Luetzkendorf is 35 years old and serves in the Joint Support Command of the Bundeswehr. He’s responsible for all international military sport affairs in Germany. After graduation with a master degree in sports science from the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich, he served as a platoon commander in the Force Protection Regiment of the German Air Force. During that time he served as an infantry officer being deployed in Afghanistan. Following this he served as Head of the Section for the German Wounded Warriors and as a company commander at the Bundeswehr sports school. In his last position he was responsible for the health promotion program of the armed forces. Christian is not a oarsman, but also very active in the field of endurance sports, being a triathlete for more than 20 years.