Forces Armées Françaises, France


The French King’s Cup crew in 2019 will be the first time French men and women have rowed together in the same boat in an international rowing event.

Below the Vice Chief of Defence Staff and Chief Military Sports Commissioner with the formal invitation to race at The King’s Cup, the map of the Henley Royal Regatta course and the record of the French Army crew that raced in 1919.


Left: Chief Military Sports Commissioner Herve Piccirillo
Right: Admiral Jean Casabianca, Vice Chief of the General Staff of the Armies

Your Crew


The French crew is based around athletes from École Polytechnique. It has a history that goes back to 1794 and started during the French Revolution. Victoire pour La France!


The 1919 Crew


The 2019 Crew


Private Lucie Giraud is assigned at national defense sport’s center in Fontainebleau.This is my second time racing at Henley, the first being back in 2016. It goes without saying that I'm delighted to be part of this sporting event and most importantly to defend the colours of the French Army in commemoration of the 1919 Royal Henley Peace Regatta. I believe that this event has its significance today, not to mention that we will be competing as part of mixed crews, a first in the history of Henley. I will do my best along with my team mates to go the farthest and to make you hear that boat sing.She originally comes from Courbevoie, Ile de France. 

Private Sandie Weber is assigned at The National Defense Sport’s Center in Fontainebleau. She is in love with sport and says that she wants to continue to train in the sporting world the new vision of equality under the lens. She originally comes from Lyon, Rhône Alpes

Sergent-chef Alexis Alain is incorporated into the mountain commando group (formerly Skiring Scouts Section), belonging to the 27 CCTM (mountain command and transmission company), created in 1999, reports directly to the General Staff of the 27th Infantry Brigade. of Mountain.

Private Martin Loeillot-Mattei is assigned at national defense sport’s center in Fontainebleau.Outside of rowing he enjoys biking and watching movies.He originally comes from Melun, Ile de France.

Second Lieutenant Paul Bougon joined the French Army in September 2007 and served as Officer Cadet at the Ecole Polytechnique for 4 years. During that period he served for 6 months on French Navy Ship Albatros as a Midshipman, officer of the watch. FNS Albatros was in charge of patrolling in the South Indian Ocean Area, around the french Isles Kerguelen and Crozet, it’s mission was to closely cooperate with Australia Coast Guards, to monitor the area surrounding the neighbouring Heard Islands. He left active army in September, 2010, and has been a reserve officer since. He currently works in the Civil Service, in an industry policy advisory body to the Minister of Economy.

  Private Gislain Bohrer is assigned at national defense sport’s center in Fontainebleau. He originally comes from Melun. He loves cycling and is passionate about traveling. 

Private/Soldat Pierre D’Agata is assigned at national defense sport’s center in Fontainebleau.He originates from Grenoble, Rhône Alpes.

Private Loïc Lezarme is assigned at national defense sport’s center in Fontainebleau. He is passionate about sport and is very happy to participate in one of the largest and most beautiful rowing races in the world. 

Sergent Marine Aubier originally comes from Paris. She has been part of the Air Force since June 2017. After a year of training at the school of non-commissioned officers of Rochefort, she was assigned to the Army Staff in Paris. She started rowing in 2011 

Coaching and Management Staff

Coach Captain Dominique Giddici is assigned at national defense sport’s  center in Fontainebleau.He originates from Fontainebleau, Ile de France and was the former head coach of the former Bataillon de Joinville. The Bataillon de Joinville regrouped the best sportsmen during their military service. The Bataillon won the grand challenge at Henley in 1956.Dominique is retiring after the King’s cup.

Team Manager Warrant Officer Matthieu Albouy originates from Catllar, Catalogne Nord. He joined the gendarmerie nationale in 1997. He spend most of his career in swat teams, in France and overseas. He is an instructor in combat first aid, mental training, tactical and shooting training. He is currently a sport teacher at Ecole Polytechnique. Outside of rowing he enjoys swimming and is a specialist in thaï boxing.